Jamison Border

Web Developer

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About Me

My love of the web started at a very young age, what began as exploring at the age of 6 quickly became an obession for me. I would play video games, talk on mIRC, make geocities sites, and watch Google overtake any other search engine. What started as a hobby would become a career for me when I started working at Inmotion Hosting where I was able to learn more indepth about the services I loved. Before that time, I had experience programming, but not for the web, it was mostly game developement I believe using a C++ library called Allegro. I continued my education through free sources like Coursera, which had just started and was completely free and TheNewBoston, a site with a few different tutorials by a guy named Bucky who would later get a job with Google. My goal now is to make enough money to live and continue learning in hopes of creating something worthwhile.



Lead Developer

I help develop website and make changes as needed to customers themes. All website all running on WordPress, some on third-party VPSes and some others on EC2 instances I was responsible for provisioning. I handle any complex issue that comes out, like for example examining logs to determine how to prevent a server from going down again from certain attacks by bots.

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Web Advisor

Provided maintenance on WordPress website. Suggested plugins to install and configure to achieve desired effects. Advised on technical needs for further expansion.

Inmotion Hosting


First point of contact for web hosting company. Troubleshoot all customer issues and either resolve them or escalate them up to Systems to fix with their root access. Had root on VPSes and Dedicated Servers.


Udemy And Other Online Resources

2010 - Current


I have always been an autodidact and mostly continue that trend by finding free resources for learning.

Tidewater Community College

JAN 2013 - JAN 2015

Earned About 50 credits towards Associated in Computer Science



Udemy class The Web Developer Bootcamp - Colt Steele project for learning how to make a node.js app. It is a campground that allows for account creation, adding campgrounds to a Mongo DB.

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Robo Friends

A learning project. The goal of this was to use Create-React-App to make a simple application. The robots are fed in through an API. The search is a component and it's state is recorded and updates the robots. This was also a Udemy class called The Complete Junior to senior Web Developer Roadmap - Andrei Neagoie

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Web Developer Word Match

Currently a very simple word and definition quiz. It just uses Javascript. I am working on improving to make it have more terms, randomness, and so the answers aren't in the source code.

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